Dear Cryptoindexrobo Community,

To be part of our Discord group we have set up the following:
@⭐NewLookingaround = FREE ( Minimum rights ) 
@🌟Members = purchase member or manual €49.99 [normal rights] [day-trading]
@🌞Pro = purchase PRO or manual €74.99 [full rights] [day-trading]
[Training channels] [Every friday Live ETH/BTC video analyse]

[25% discount on the upcoming E-learning]
(early access on E-learning)

Would you prefer not to purchase the manual,

but you would like to upgrade yourself in Discord!
You can also do that at:

Membership page:
Log in with your Discord account :

@🌟Members: $5 each month or $48 per year
@🌞Pro: $9.99 each month or $95.9 per year

For active members in our Discord Community, we give out rewards:
The more active you are in our Discord Community,

The faster you grow!
You can level up in our Discord group:

Level 50 : @Gold Role, Level 75: @🌟Members, Level 100: @🌞Pro.

Everything we earn from the Discord group and the manuals,

gives us the opportunity to improve our service!

Any qeustions ask us in #🤖genel