• Market updates

  • delivered to a specified channel in your discord.

    These updates will keep you, and your community up to date with the macro-economy, through bite-sized reports on Bitcoin and Ethereum.


We want to change social media and be the biggest playground for NFT-lovers all over the world. The AIOW app is a social media platform like you’ve never seen before. It has a built-in ERC-20 crypto wallet to share, earn and donate $AIOW tokens with. Tokens that can be used in many ways on our platform.

We appreciate..

collaborations and through The Piggy Bank, a value-for-value system we’ve developed and implemented in our Discord server, an daily growing number of communities have joined us. Founders of these projects can be found in the piggy Discord, so you can easily connect with all of them. If you think you’re project can benefit from The Piggy Bank, do not hesitate to contact us.

With The Wallet of Fame website...

we’ve created a grid where NFT creators can show their large and small collections to whoever is interested. This all takes place in a ever expanding hand-drawn universe filled with weird and crazy characters, full of tales of mystery.

What we don’t want...

is to share your personal data, give you targeted advertising or tolerate anonymous trolls. The AIOW Project is proud to be an open, user friendly and fun social media platform.