Crypto Member Manual

€ 49,99
Crypto Member Manual

Basic € 49.99, - [here we will explain how you can get the bot, and the basis of the bot and the basic signals] with no video

comment us with which language you need:

manual NL / ENG

After paying we will send you a code with that code you can enter on :

And you will have acces to 1 year Membership on Discord : @MEMBERS in our Discord Community


* Please note that the software is not included in this file, you have to buy it separately on the official website of the robot. And to use this Robot you also need an account on Tradingview. 

I am NOT a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer.

This photo is for educational purposes and is not intended to tell you where to spend your money.

Take this as my own opinion and NEVER invest your money based on my ideas and opinions!